Saturday, October 30, 2010

CI-BER Project Kicked off!

The CI-BER project held its official kickoff meeting this week in Chapel Hill, on Thursday, October 28!

Part of a cooperative research agreement between NARA, NSF, and UNC Chapel Hill, the project will build a master copy of all of the research holdings of the National Archives at UNC, eventually billions of federal electronic records. This testbed will be networked with distributed holdings across other key NARA sites and will serve a laboratory to explore visual analytics of records at scale.

CI-BER brings together computer scientists, engineers, and archival scientists and is meant to provide insights into the management of very large scientific data collections and into the the value of government records that can lead to generalizable infrastructure and technology. We expect the findings to inform other NSF/OCI funded projects.

The cooperative research agreement will also provide opportunities for accelerated exchanges between researchers and staff at the National Archives Applied Research, NARA's premier center for applied research, as well as as other federal agencies.

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